...Chasing tone is in my blood. As a child, I looked for sound and music in nearly everything around me. In my late teens, I stumbled upon a vintage 5 watt, Class A tube amplifier, and it changed my life. I was immediately drawn to the warmth and breakup of that single 6V6 pumping through a miniscule 8" Alnico speaker. That sparked a lifelong obsession and pursuit of good tones, which has yet to be quenched.

...Living in California at the time, I had access to a multitude of blackface amplifiers and began to acquire them as often as I could. As it became apparent that these amps would require maintenance, I began learning about what made these amps work and how to repair and modify them.

...Not too long after that, I became involved with Hammond organ repairs and restoration, and under the tutelage of Master Hammond Technician, Bob Schleicher, I spent five years learning everything about vintage Hammond organs. That knowledge and experience, coupled with my own research and experimentation with classic amp designs was the genesis of Tungsten Amplification. I've been designing and building Tungsten amplifiers for several years now, and I am constantly looking for new designs to add to the Tungsten line and to refine my existing models.

New: Cortez 5D3 wide panel amp!
Featuring a Tungsten T12Q speaker, floating paraphase inverter, 'straight to grid' input on the Normal channel
and grain oriented OT in a wide panel lacquered tweed cabinet. $1,650

Coming Soon : Oxnard 12 & Oxnard 25 - The penultimate pedal platform available in 12 or 25 watts.

Current turnaround time on domestic orders is approximately 30 days.

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