Absolutely my favorite amp, and that's saying a lot as it sits alongside several top name "boutique" brands. It growls and churns and comes alive on every note. Words like "3-D" and "organic" actually mean something when used to describe this amp. I started with the smaller Cortez which was then modified into a Crema Wheat. Love it either way!
- Miroslav, Miroslav Music / "Crème Cortez"

I like the amp a lot, because it sounds like what I'm used to, no surprises, just that nice tone.
- Denny F. / 5F6-A

Hands down this is the best sounding champ I've had, next to my vintage tweed champ. This thing gives me the sound I have been looking for.
- Brian P. / Mosaic 5F1 - Standard Harp Amp

My new amp is an ass kicker. I played with my band on Saturday, I needed no other volume, just the amp, and the tone was the best harp tone I have ever heard. I have always been a guitar player, but now I am a harp player. The amp gave me tone that inspired my playing, my band mates couldn't believe it. I will never use any other amp for harp, and from me, an amp freak, that is a statement.
- Fred G. / Mosaic 5F1 - Standard Harp Amp

I've had this amp for 2 months now. In that time I have tried just about all possible tube combinations...I'm still on the honeymoon with it. Currently, I'm running 6V6's with a GZ34 rectifier and 2 12AT7's. Notes just explode out of this thing. Normally I'm a Tele guy but I've never heard my Strat sound so good. When you "dig" into the strings, the amp "gives", when you back off it "let’s go". The more you dig the more it gives, very responsive to pick attack. It’s just an absolute joy to play…who needs pedals? The build quality is as good as any amp I've ever seen. Your attention to detail and response to customer needs is without equal. Keep up the great work.
- Rob J. / 25 Watt Cortez

One of its best features is that it amplifies your playing dynamics, so that your guitar becomes really responsive to your string attack. With the volume set to the edge of its breakup point (about 6 or so with single coils), a soft touch gives clean, harmonically rich, balanced chords, a harder attack puts some grit on the lower notes, and a really hard attack gives sweet, overdriven crunch with some compression, so that single notes are thick, juicy and dirty. The better your control over playing dynamics, the better it responds. Changing the guitar volume or tone knobs by just one number makes a noticeable difference too.
- Al Z, / 12" Mosaic

Smoothest break-up/best tone of any amp I've ever owned. It is very useable volume-wise, even in my basement studio. I'm able to use my archtop with it too without feedback taking over the room. Many thanks for your good service and salesmanship. You guys are the best.
- Doug S. / 12" Mosaic

I've had this amp for 2 months now. In that time I have tried just about all possible tube combinations. I'm still on the honeymoon with it. I was immediately amazed by the low end of my new 12" Mosaic. The bass response is truly bone-shaking and the sustain when using my Les Paul has caused me to put away my delay pedals. In playing through various production amps over the years, I was unaware of the amount of control over the clarity and gain that can be exercised with just the volume knobs on the guitar. There really is no way to convey the 'feel' of a boutique amp built with the highest quality components and materials, you just have to play it. Couple that with a different type of customer service - you talk to the guy who built your amp - and this is easily the best investment I have ever made in musical gear.
- Jerry S. / 12" Mosaic

The one thing that I really love about this amp is the touch response and how much control it gives me over the highs and especially lows. You can really hear it when I get more aggressive with my thumb on the bass and when i switch from my fingers to the pick for some licks.
- Hap M. / Cortez

I'm really enjoying my Mosaic "8 and finding a lot of sweet spots (using a '52 Tele reissue, hand built P90 solidbody and a home-made 335 with Duncan Seth Lover pups) It really does wail!
- Reid P. / 8" Mosaic

Adam, I am in love. I think she likes me too. Touch responsive beyond your wildest dreams. Tone for days....boy, am i glad that I let you talk me into the speaker. It sounds great, not even broken in! better than their blue dog I think. Sounds like the old Jensen and I have heard a few. The versatility of the 6L6 is great too. I haven’t had a chance yet to do much experimenting with the tubes, but it sounds great with RCA's.
- Doug H. / Cortez

I've been playing 40 years now and I've owned a lot of the great amps - vintage and boutique. All amp builders have great intentions and sometimes the combination of ideas and components really work. This is surely the case with your 12" Mosaic. From the quietest volume to wide open this amp actually exceeds my memory of my '65 Strat through a late 50's Champ (my favorite all time sound) -- both passed through my possession prematurely. I have the good fortune to own some practically new RCA black plates I've substituted in the Mosaic. The 6L6 sounds as complex as the 6V6 with a little more headroom. You have to have a black plate 5Y3 as well you know! Old P-90's, Tele and new Lollar Blond Strat PU's all match perfectly. One of the few amps I've owned where it hasn't occurred to me to change the speaker. The Mosaic's response, complexity and richness makes it a true joy to play and own.
- Gary S. / 12" Mosaic

Just so you know, your amp gets lots of compliments for its "dimensional" sound. Especially pleasing with TV Jones Filtertrons.
- Bob W. / Cortez

I just purchased a Mosaic with the 12" speaker via the gear page. I must say your work is amazing. I got the Mosaic for the purpose of smaller shows and recording... anyway, long story short...your amp tones create that magic that I've been honestly chasing to get live since. The 25w Cortez would make a wonderful ally on stage and tour any day. The response I get from my fingers on the strings and thump! Whoa man! Just sending you many thanks for wonderful tone. I wish I had found you sooner!
- Mike M. / 12" Mosaic

The Cortez came a day early and I got to say that I am very impressed. Everything about the amp is exactly what I was looking for. At full tilt this thing really wails. Thanks for everything.
- Taylor B. "N.Y.C." / Cortez

I'm sitting here trying to find the words to express how much I love this amp. A month before I received the amplifier I bought an Fender custom shop Strat. I think I have the guitar rig I have always dreamed of. I can't pass it without picking it up! You were 100% correct. It WAS worth the wait!
- Tom S. / Crema Wheat

I just received the Mosaic, it was well worth the wait. Delicious amp, and I'm just beginning to explore it! In the next days I'm going to swap tubes like crazy to discover the different possibilities. Thank you very much, it's always a pleasure to deal with someone like you who cares about a well done job.
- Sergio D. / 8" Mosaic

The Cortez arrived on Friday afternoon and I have been having lots of fun getting to know it over the last few days... my neighbors, not so much! It sounds great and I'm really happy with it! The C12N has a nice deep and rich bass at all volumes and never sounds harsh or too bright which apparently the reissues are. I guess I am hearing the power transformer as well in that richness. There are still a pretty broad range of tones which I have been experimenting with. They all sound good!
- Marcus M. "N.Y.C." / Cortez

I got my Crema Wheat combo amp on Saturday, and after I opened the well packaged box and pulled the blonde amp out of the box, I plugged the 3 tubes in and plugged in my Tele. Damn! I must admit I didn't know what to expect about the Scumback speaker and the size of this amp. This amp is definitely the best amp I've ever bought! The low end in this thing is amazing! Thanks again!
- Adrian G. / Crema Wheat

I just switched out the Italian made Jensen reissue in my Victoria 5112 last evening and thought I'd give it a quick try and then really get at it today. It was quite late in the evening and I was quite fatigued from a busy weekend but I wanted it set up and ready to go. I'm usually a little apprehensive about changes being done to the amps because you are never quite sure about what you are getting into until you fire it up. Let me tell you did I ever wake up when I struck that first chord. It was bloody unbelievable compared to the Jensen reissue. I was grinning and jamming for the next hour and prior to that I just wanted to do the switch out and go to bed. I'm truly amazed and grinning from ear to ear. I thought the amp sounded damn good before but now it sounds just right on. It was actually quite harsh before. All I can say is Wow and I'm thankful for the internet that I found you. Your T12Q is a Fantastic Speaker for this amp.
- Ken M. / T12Q Speaker

Hi Adam, I hope all is well. I had a chance to play the Cortez a bit last night on my own - not with my band yet. Dude, holy crap. I can't believe how great it is. Your description of the amp is dead on. I felt like I was channeling Neil Young! There is just so much going on with the overdrive tones. So many cool elements happening and swirling around. And it is just ridiculously touch sensitive. I checked it out with a Rick Kelly Pine Esquire w/Don Mare 0038 pickup and a 1972 Les Paul Special '54 reissue with two p90's. I can't wait to try my 335 with it! What also amazed is how old the amp sounds for being brand new. I have a single 6v6 50s Supro amp and the Cortez just has that old sound that I have been chasing for about 25 years in a much more usable platform. Just killer.
- Dan K. / Cortez

I just have to say thanks! I've used this amp for a few gigs and a bunch of rehearsals now and it's UNBELIEVABLE! My guitars have never sounded so good. I'll make sure to recommended your amps to anyone looking for a KILLER tweed style amp. I'm perfectly happy with the Scumback speaker and the amount of volume and headroom I get with this amp. VERY WELL DONE!
- Shaun D. / Crema Wheat

I replaced the Jensen P12Q with your Tungsten T12Q in my Clark 5E3 clone and it sounds significantly better. Also, I had a Celestion Blue and a Greeback in this amp at one time but nothing beats the T12Q for that classic 5E3 tone. You definitely nailed it with your speaker.
- Stephen F. / T12Q Speaker

I had a chance yesterday to really sit down with the amp and put it through the paces. Wow!! single coil and humbucker, both sound amazing. A/B with the 58' tweed deluxe. It is the perfect complement to the original. Congrats on a great design. I have a couple friends frothing at the mouth to come over and hear it.
- Andy J. / Crema Wheat

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