Denny Freeman - Dallas, TX based guitar player/owner of a Tungsten 5F6-A and a Tungsten 25 watt Cortez.

Midnight Ramblers - Rob Mola from the Midnight Ramblers plays a Tungsten 5E5-A.

Smokin' Torpedoes - Jeff Wiley's classic blues band has become a Central Florida staple.

Buster Kelly - Buster Kelly is a local guitar instructor, musician and owner of a Tungsten 5F4.

Hap Moore's Myspace Page - Featured in the June 2008 Guitar Player Magazine's Big Eight column, Hap Moore's personal take on the blues is powerful and straight to the point. He is also a proud owner of a Tungsten Cortez.

Living The Blues Band - Hap Moore's blues band.

Everest - Everest is a Los Angeles based band comprised of several seasoned musicians. Joel Graves and Russ Pollard are both currently using Tungsten Cortez amplifiers.

Gruhn Guitars - Located in Nashville, this is the place to go for rare vintage guitars.

Legends Guitars - Located in Tampa, Legends has a nice selection of both Fender and Gibson guitars as well as choice boutique amplifiers.

Lark Street Music - Lark Street Music is located in Teaneck, NJ and features an excellent selection of choice vintage guitars and amplifiers.


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